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Unclassified Woman offers an inspiring stream of conversation with women around the globe, who are building lives beyond society’s expectations. Part myth busting, part inspirational story sharing, Michelle Marie McGrath interviews amazing childless or childfree women, including authors, film-makers, activists, entrepreneurs, priestesses, leaders, speakers and creative mavens, who share their experiences and insights, while questioning the expectations of women everywhere. Michelle shares interviews with women all around the globe who are childless or childfree for a multitude of reasons. With almost 25% of women over 40 child-free by choice or childless through circumstance, it seems absurd that women still have to justify their decisions or endure pity about why they’re not mothers. Motherhood is not a mandate and yet so many women are made to feel ‘less than’ or viewed suspiciously or disparagingly, if they are creating a life of meaning beyond biological mothering. All of these outdated stereotypes lead to one dangerous assumption: what’s your value beyond being a mother? As mainstream society still tends to over-celebrate mothers juggling ‘it all’, and under-celebrate women who, whilst not mothers, have created lives of purpose and service. Unclassified Woman is the perfect antidote to limiting female narratives. In the second season, Michelle and her guests expanded on the creative power of ALL women. We explored the power of awakening womb consciousness. The womb or hara is the sacred creation portal from where we birth everything in our lives and yet the unlimited power within is as yet untapped by most women (and men) today. This includes working with the cycles of the moon, reconnecting deeply with the cycles of nature, aligning with the elements, harnessing the magic of the menstrual cycle and reclaiming the power of the divine feminine within. So if you’re interested in a stronger connection to Mother earth, increased intuition, more soulful sex, more creativity, feeling better in your own skin and joyously walking your own path – tune in! In order to ascend, we need to descend so let’s dive in together! Season 3 commenced was released in April 2018 and Season 4 will be released mid-2019. Each woman’s path in life is equally valid and sacred. Michelle is a Self-love Mentor for women birthing their soul gifts into the world. She offers one-on-one Womb Awakening Sessions, in person events, Intuitive Guidance/Distance Healing and the Sacred Self range of vibrational aromatherapy.
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Aug 17, 2017

How do you feel about the power of the womb, menstruation, and the mystique of the Divine Feminine? Today we are going to dive in.

You may not have given much thought to these concepts, but they are pivotal in so many areas relevant to understanding our bodies and souls.

My guests today will enlighten you in many ways. Today’s episode is more of a pilgrimage than it is an interview!

Womb Awakening is a pre-historic tradition that has risen to popularity again in our modern culture. Everything old is new again! Come with me as we open the doorway to this magical, mystical journey.

Dr. Azra Bertrand and Seren Bertrand are the founders of The Fountain of Life Grail Mystery School. They are teachers and mentors of mine who have so much wisdom to share. 

Much of the visionary work they share about Womb Awakening came through direct gnosis in Sacred Union during the ‘Gateway into the Feminine Dimension’ in 2012. This was a period where the new wave of feminine Womb Consciousness birthed onto the planet. This experience fused all previous studies into a clear essence, and impassioned them to offer their lives to the embodied rebirth of our world, and to support men and women to meet in love again.

NY bestselling authors have described their ground-breaking new book as “a masterwork of beauty, power, and mystical truth, a magical sacred feminine transmission, and a Mystery School in a book.”

Azra graduated from the prestigious Duke University School of Medicine and has been a pioneering doctor, alchemical scientist, and spiritual guide for 20 years. Seren is a womb intuitive and channel of the Sacred Feminine mysteries and has been immersed in Womb Awakening practices for more than a decade. 

Together, they are evolutionary enchanters, dedicated to helping women awaken their womb power and assist the rebirth of the masculine into his true gifts, uniting them both in Sacred Union. As midwives of the return of womb consciousness, they draw rich veins of wisdom from many traditions and have assisted over 25,000 people to heal on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level for over 20 years. 

After having worked with them both personally and in group consciousness, I agree with those descriptions. They both bring lightbulb moments to every conversation.

We hear much talk about the Divine Feminine and Rising Feminine consciousness, but there can also be much superficiality. These two embody this consciousness and are way-showers to teach us to dive deep into the wisdom of our own bodies and souls.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Their background and how they came to their fascinating work today;
  • The synchronicity of mermaids, the upcoming solar eclipse, and the Feminine traditions;
  • Significant energies and events in 2012;
  • The return of the Sacred Feminine and what it means for women and men;
  • Dr. Azra’s work as a primal healer;
  • How the doors of the great Cosmic Womb opened with their love;
  • The vast umbrella of motherhood;
  • The link between Mary Magdalene (“magical doorway”) and the womb mysteries;
  • The divinized womb priestesses of every tradition;
  • The Divine Harlot/The Holy Whore;
  • Ancient symbols of the womb mysteries;
  • The lost tradition of women rulers, oracles, and healers;
  • The body as the vehicle of awakening and heaven on earth;
  • Seren’s awakening experiences on a beach in Thailand: finding ecstasy within;
  • Advice to start diving gently into womb consciousness;
  • Symptoms expressed as divine communication and the pathway to true healing;
  • The soul of the womb, its gifts, and painful memories;
  • Feedback from people on the womb awakening path;
  • Why men actually menstruate too!
  • The Womb Circle and oracular awakening around the world;
  • When it’s time to rest and receive;
  • Why the book carries the frequency of lunar consciousness and what that means.

Your womb has sacred power and a divine purpose and is the thread that connects you to the Universal Womb and the Source of Creation. You can call it whatever you want - Divine  Mother, Goddess, God - but her power is undeniable. You do not need to have a physical womb for this to be the case.

Awakening your womb is a transformative experience and it can alter your earthly life in ways that you can’t imagine. It reconnects your lost femininity and heals your disconnected masculinity.

This is an important step in embracing your multi-dimensional humanity. To continue this magical journey of healing, connect with Azra and Seren at

Order their book via this link with free worldwide postage:

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